Here you can find information about me and my hobbies.

With a great interest in technology combined with a strong interest in organization and leadership have resulting in combined technical studies with organizational management and leadership. I am trained in Computer and Systems Science in Sweden (Lulea University of Technology).

I actively worked in the IT sector since 1996. My main focus since 1996 has been the web and web development from both a technical and business perspective.

I have expertise in e-business, database architectures, solution architectures and design methodologies like Agile Scrum and XP.

Alongside Computer and Systems Science I am educated in Organizational Management and Leadership.

As a person I am curious and likes of complexity. Since I was a child, I liked working with strategies. I have the ability to see the simplicity of complex structures and problem solving. I’m good at spotting new opportunities and target oriented.

In my spare time I like to work out and ski. I like reading books and getting new knowledge about new technologies and Scrum.

During summer holidays I am more underwater than on land since I love to dive.

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